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Automatic Juice Filling Machine

Automatic Juice Filling Machine

Automatic Juice Filling Machine

PPS Machineries is a popular manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of Automatic Juice Filling Machine. Our machine works with the whole production line. Manufactured using high-grade quality materials, these machines are suitable for round or flat shape bottles or vials. They have the quality to output maximum products per minute depending on the nature of juice, neck diameter or bottle and fill volume. With more than a decade of experience, we can potentially help you with a complete choice of machines with adequate after-sale service support.

PPS Machineries, we know that the food and beverage industry has different requirements, so we make machines with diverse specifications, such as -

●      No Changer Parts and Less Maintenance
●      Anti-Drip System to Keep the Filling Area Clean
●      Volumetric Pneumatic Piston Filling Technology
●      Special Heat-Resistant Cylinders
●      Capacity to Fill From 100-1000 ml and up to 10 Liters with Great Accuracy
●      PLC Controlled Systems
●      No Foaming and Spillage Due to Diving Nozzle Mechanism
●      Feature to Wash Jar, Glass, And Bottles

During the manufacturing process, strict quality control and regulations are enforced to make sure only quality and flawless products are delivered to our valuable customers. As a leading name in the industry, we also help install and develop plans for Automatic Juice Filling Machine, which is an ideal choice for juice, soda and beverage making companies.

What else? Our machine comes equipped with the perfect control system, compact structure, and easy-to-operate features. PLC control system, advanced touch screen make the machine-friendly in nature. The washing part of our machine mainly includes a washing pump, water distributor, bottle clamps, upturn plate, protection cover, guide rail, defrosting tray, spraying device, and so on. The filling part of the machine is composed of filling valves (hot and pressure filling), filling tank, elevating device, bottle handing device, pressure gauge, bottle pedestals, vacuum pump and filling pump.

Beverage Pasteurization

The Automatic Juice Filling Machine manufactured by us is featured to pasteurize and heat to the hot filling temperature. They have the quality to easily reach between 90 C - 95 C (190 - 203 F) in a heat exchanger for at least 15 - 30 second and the liquid is cooled to around 82 - 85 C. After the liquid is cooled, it is filled at the filling station.

Avoiding Oxidation

In order to avoid oxidation, nitrogen can be introduced into the headspace to remove oxygen. The process sterilizes the inner surface of the container. The best part is that the container can be tilted onto one side or inverted to ensure the closure is also sterilized properly with the hot liquid touching the inside surface.

Suitable Applications

While our fully automatic fruit juice filling machine can be used in the food, dairy, and beverage markets, they are also suitable for pharmaceutical applications where complete drain ability is required. It has a Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger to ensure an easy and low-maintenance in-line heating option. Moreover, the machine comes equipped with an electric heater that can be a prudent choice if other heating options are not available. Including other main electrical components, they are imported from renowned brands to guarantee the excellent performance of the machine. To know more about our automatic juice filling machine, give a call at +91-9811210208 or 9818757548 .