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Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Cold Storage Plants

Reasonable and compact machine with Centralized lubricating system decrease the maintenance cost. It automatically lubricates the machine bearing and bushes after a regular interval. The supplies of the lubricant to the lubricating points through main oil pipe lines by means of automatically timing and constant delivery.

The bottles are conveyed by holding the bottle neck throughout the rinsing, filling and capping processes that realize great adaptability to bottle deformation caused by hot-filling

at high temperature, which makes the conventional bottle-driving method unable to meet the actual demand. The bottle conveying by holding the bottle neck affectively gets rid of the influence caused by the bottle distortion, making the production to go on more smoothly and realizing the versatility for different filling requirements.


► PPS Machineries is designing and manufacturing the complete range of semi and fully automatic High Speed Bottling Plant.

► Updated Technology and tremendous experience has helped us to achieve the highest speed and most accurately filled bottles for our customers.

We Manufacture 5 styles of Filling System

1) Gravity Fillers

2) Counter Pressure Fillers

3) Vacuum Fillers

4) Volumetric Fillers

►Our Machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, easy to operate and highly automated.

►The parts in contact with the machine are made of quality SS 304, anti-corrosive and easy to clean.

By adopting a high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise which results in its minimal or no waste. It guarantees the demand of filling technology.

The capping head adopts a constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality and impact cap.

This machine has a highly efficient cap arranging system, perfect cap feeding and protection device.

Equipped with a perfect clean management system to ensure the bottle is clean.

Only by changing the star-wheel, can I realize how to fill the changed bottle shape.

The machine adopts a perfect overload protective device that can ensure the safety of the operator and machine.

This machine adopts a frequency converter, which can adjust the filling speed.

The main electronic components, frequency, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, electric control valves all adopt imported components, which can ensure quality performance.

The control system has many functions, such as control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block automatic stop and production counting etc.

The electric components and pneumatic components are all introduced from the International Quality Standard.

CAPACITY – 32 BPM, 60 BPM, 90 BPM, 120 BPM, 150 BPM and above