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Fruit Juice Making Plant

Fruit Juice Making Plant

Fruit Juice Making Plant

PPS Machineries is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of Fruit Juice Making Plant and Automatic Juice Filling Machine. Holding more than a decade of experience, we are potentially capable of offering a complete choice of products with adequate post-service support. Strict quality control and regulations are enforced and adhered to make products and distribute to our clients. Pioneers in the industry, we offer Fruit Juice Making Plant of superior quality.

Our professionals can help you by installing and developing plans and related machinery. Our fruit juice-making parts are the result of our high-quality stainless steel and innovative technology. The machine cannot fill, seal and cap the plant, but can also wash the jar, glass, and bottles.

  • The beverage can be pasteurized and heated to the hot filling temperature. They can generally reach between 190 - 203 F (or 90 - 95 C) in a heat exchanger for at least 15 - 30 seconds.

  • The liquid is cooled to around 82 - 85 C. then it is filled at the filling station. In some cases, nitrogen is introduced into the headspace for removing oxygen to avoid oxidation. The closure is then applied immediately after. This process sterilizes the inner surface of the container.

  • The container can either be tilted onto one side or inverted with a view to making sure the closure is also sterilized with the hot liquid touching the inside surface.

  • The container is then brought to a cooling station to cool it rapidly. This process helps in preserving the taste and nutritional properties of the product. The cooling process also creates a vacuum inside the container that prevents the growth of microbes.

  • The closure package/cooled bottle / is dried and a decorating label is applied.

  • When soda water or soft drink is chilled, the carbon dioxide gets released from a reserve tank at which point the two fluids meet in the primary tank. The food-grade gas happens to dissolve into the beverage. And, the fizzy liquid is ready for consumption.

  • As one of the popular names to supply Fruit Juice Making Plant, we give utmost concern to hygiene. In fact, huge is an important factor to consider during food processing. Note that wrong cleaning in the food industry can badly affect the entire day’s the production and product quality. That’s where medium and large facilities require our fully automatic cleaning process. Our machine features to clean plants, eliminate impurities, and reduce bacteria levels. Remember that pumps and other fruit-side products resulting from the production of juices can be used for Jam, Squash, Jellies, Marmalade making.

  • Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger – Our fruit Juice Making Plant gives you an easy low-maintenance in-line heating option. While they are primarily used in the dairy, food, and beverage markets, you can use them in pharmaceutical applications where complete drain ability is required.

  • Direct Steam Injection – These units inject precise amounts of steam directly into the cleaning solution as it is being pumped to the process.

  • Electric Heater – Though at many times slower and potentially more costly to operate than other options, electric heaters in the machine can be a prudent choice if other heating options are not available.

  • Our Fruit Juice Making Plant is manufactured using superior quality materials to ensure robust construction and corrosion-resistant finish. Give a call at +91-9811210208 or 9818757548 to know more details about our Fruit Juice Making Plant.